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Air handling – heating – cooling

Energy and cost savings from novel technology that combines ventilation, energy recovery and heat pump

As a Finnish specialist in energy recovery and ventilation systems, Ensto Enervent has introduced the Greenair HP™ to meet growing market requirements for effective air handling systems. It aims to address environmental issues by saving energy while also offering high levels of comfort and easy operation.

Energy bills reduced up to 40 %

The Greenair HP™ system combines heat pump technology with an effective rotating heat exchanger. The system is suitable for new construction or renovation projects, particularly for buildings where external units are restricted by planning regulations as some models have no outside units; everything is installed inside the building. In a single unit, the system can distribute air to each room, supply heating and cooling and control moisture and CO2 levels. Installation of this integrated yet compact system is easy and can be carried out by a single installer.

Video Presentation

Operates in the summer and winter

Greenair HP in the winter
Greenair HP in the summer

Available models

P05 010 0002  Pelican eco PRO greenair HP
P05 210 0002  Pelican HP eAir
P06 012 0002  Pegasos eco PRO greenair HP
P06 212 0002  Pegasos HP eAir
P06 212 0003  Pegasos HP Aqua
P12 202 0002  Pallas HP
P12 202 0003  Pallas HP Aqua
P12 202 0004  Pallas HP Aqua KIW