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Datasheet: Enervent Pelican
DuctsØ 200 mm
Width998 mm
Height1270 mm
Depth590 mm
Weight125 kg
Install on floor
Dimensional drawings:
Maintenance instructions:
Air flow maximum:-180 / +170 l/s(exhaust/supply air flow)
House air volume:~ 0 - 997 m³
This is certified component for Passive Houses

Pelican is the older brother of the popular Pingvin series. It was designed to conform with the strictest building codes without compromising energy efficiency. The Pelican is best suited for larger single-family houses.

The appearance of the Enervent Pelican is as stylish as the Pingvin. Even though the Pelican is most often installed in a confined technical space, the good looks makes it possible to install the unit in a spacious utility room. The Enervent Pelican is dimensioned so that the heating and cooling coils fit in the unit itself. Efficient fine bag filters take care of providing a clean and healthy supply air.

Modular Silencers

Ensto Enervent offers modular silencers to the Pelican and Pegasos ventilation units. Modular silencers are a quick, easy and neat way to take care of the silencing of a ventilation unit. The ready to mount silencer module just needs to be lifted on the unit and the work is done. The benefits of the ready modules are the neat exterior and the uniform finish, easy installation and optimal noise reduction.

Control options

MD Control

The new and intelligent touch-screen controller for advanced and easy-to-use air handling control.

  • Wireless touch screen with easy-to-use intuitive graphical user interface
  • Situation-based operation modes - Home, Away, Boost, Overpressure, Silent, Eco
  • Remote management with the Enervent cloud-based service
  • Data collection - trend graphs and export to Excel via USB
  • Set-up Wizard - guides through the installation process
  • Humidity-based and CO2-level-based control
  • Optional temperature control

EDA Control

  • An user-friendly digital control
  • Cooling recovery
  • Heating and cooling control
  • Shortcuts for fan speeds and temperature control
  • Calendar-based control possible
  • Support for both AC and DC fans
  • Remote management possible with the Freeway Gateway

EC Control

  • Digital control
  • Four fan speeds
  • Fireplace boost optional
  • Supports only electrical heating
  • No cooling control

Available models

P05 011 0001  Pelican eco EC
P05 011 0002  Pelican eco ECE
P05 111 0002  Pelican eco EDE
P05 111 0003  Pelican eco EDE-CG
P05 111 0006  Pelican eco EDW
P05 111 0007  Pelican eco EDW-CG
P05 010 0002  Pelican eco PRO greenair HP
P05 111 0011  Pelican eco EDX-E
P05 211 0002  Pelican MDE
P05 211 0003  Pelican MDE-CG
P05 211 0006  Pelican MDW
P05 211 0007  Pelican MDW-CG
P05 210 0002  Pelican HP eAir
P05 211 0011  Pelican MDX-E
  Pelican CG-W