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Datasheet: Enervent Liggolo
DuctsØ 125 mm
Width598 mm
Height630 mm
Depth320 mm
Weight46 kg
Install on ceiling
Dimensional drawings:
Maintenance instructions:
Air flow maximum:-74 / +74 l/s(exhaust/supply air flow)
House air volume:~ 0 - 410 m³

Installation example


The Enervent Liggolo is a roof-installable version of the Piccolo OFF. The separate extractor hood is attached to the unit with a duct. There are many extractor hood models available. The hood is not included in the price.

Control options

Piccolo EC Control

  • Three fan speeds
  • Controlled from a extractor hood

Available models

P09 002 0013  Liggolo eco ECE right
P09 002 0013V  Liggolo eco ECE left