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Piccolo ON


The Piccolo unit is designed to be mounted above the stove in flats and apartments. The unit is equipped with a control that regulates the fan speeds, the rotating heat exchanger and the after heater. Desired fan speed is chosen on the cooker hood or on a separate operating panel. The unit is also equipped with automatic defrosting of the rotating heat exchanger and a possibility to connect a condense drain. The air from the cooker hood is lead past the heat exchanger. Therefore we recommend that a separate extract air vent be installed in the kitchen so heat recovery can be acquired.


There are several installation alternatives for the Piccolo unit. It can be placed in the kitchen above the stove with a mounted cooker hood and integration board. It can also be installed elsewhere, i.e. in a washroom. Even if the unit is installed outside the kitchen it’s possible to connect it to the cooker hood by a separate duct. It’s also possible to use the cooker hood to control the unit in this installation alternative.

Installation alternatives

Piccolo ON Piccolo OFF Liggolo Piccolo


  • Highly efficient heat recovery due to energy efficient rotating heat exchanger
  • Four (4) fan speeds selected either from the cooker hood or from a separate operating panel
  • Built-in 800 W electrical after heater
  • Manufactured in both right and left handed duct connection layouts

Available models

P09 001 0012  Piccolo ON eco ECE right
P09 001 0012V  Piccolo ON eco ECE left
P09 001 0013  Piccolo OFF eco ECE right
P09 001 0013V  Piccolo OFF eco ECE left
P09 002 0013  Liggolo eco ECE right
P09 002 0013V  Liggolo eco ECE left