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The new greenair EDX-system combines air heat pump technology, ventilation and energy recovery

Enervent greenair EDX

Greenair EDX is a combination of the most efficient heat recovery method: the rotating heat exchanger and an inverter controlled heat pump. There are many sizes of EDX in our range. Amongst them you will easily find a solution that suits you.

With EDX you also get efficient cooling and cooling recovery

EDX in the winter
EDX in the summer

You can effortlessly control the room air of your home with the heat pump inverter control. Good quality air is silently and evenly distributed throughout your house through the ventilation ducts and unsightly and loud internal fan units are not needed. In varying weather conditions the quality of room air is essential for our wellbeing. During the winter, room air is often too dry and during the summer it is often hot. In sub-zero temperatures the EDX-system recovers humidity from the outgoing air and makes the recovery of energy more efficient and provides easily breathable and fresh room air. During the hot summer days it cools down your home energy efficiently.

Greenair EDX is also an additional heating source

The greenair EDX-system can be installed in new construction or renovation developments. The most energy efficient result is achieved by using the system in low energy or passive houses. All greenair EDX-systems are equipped with direct current compressors and use refrigerant R410A to maximize energy efficiency.

Heating the supply air

In wintertime the energy recovery of the ventilation is carried out by the rotating heat exchanger which recovers as much as 80 % of the extract air heat. In addition, the technology enables the humidity of indoor air to stay at a healthy level by also recovering energy-filled humidity. The need for additional heat is taken care of by an efficient heat pump which heats your house energy efficiently.

Cooling the supply air

During hot summer days the supply air is efficiently cooled and the cooled air is evenly distributed throughout the house using the ventilation ducts. The rotating heat exchanger recovers coolness and makes use of summer night cooling.

EDX operating ranges

Min Max
Unit Compressor Air flow [l/s] Heating [kW] Cooling [kW] Air flow [l/s] Heating [kW] Cooling [kW]
Pingvin eco EDX-ECOMP 1 601,41,3 821,81,6
Pandion eco EDX-ECOMP 1 801,81,6 1402,62,5
Pelican eco EDX-ECOMP 1 1002,42,3 1503,23,0
Pegasos eco EDX-ECOMP 2 1503,83,5 3205,35,6
COMP 3 (opt) 1503,83,5 3206,25,8
Pegasos eco XL EDX-ECOMP 3 2005,04,5 3506,26,7
COMP 4 (opt) 2005,04,5 3506,26,7
LTR-3 eco EDX-ECOMP 1 601,41,3 982,01,9
LTR-6 eco EDX-ECOMP 1 1002,72,5 2003,64,0
LTR-7 eco EDX-ECOMP 2 1503,83,5 3305,35,6
COMP 3 (opt) 1503,83,5 3306,25,9
LTR-7 eco XL EDX-ECOMP 3 2005,04,5 3706,26,7
COMP 4 (opt) 2005,04,5 3707,76,9

Available models

P01 111 0011  Pingvin eco EDX-E click right
P07 109 0021  Pandion eco EDX-E click
P07 209 0021  Pandion MDX-E click
P05 111 0011  Pelican eco EDX-E
P05 211 0011  Pelican MDX-E
P06 111 0012  Pegasos eco EDX-E
P06 111 0112  Pegasos eco XL EDX-E
P06 211 0012  Pegasos MDX-E
P06 211 0112  Pegasos XL MDX-E
P06 115 0009  Pegasos TwinTropic X-E
P06 115 0008  Pegasos TwinTropic X
P12 201 0010  Pallas MDX-E
P02 112 0011  LTR-3 eco EDX-E
P02 212 0011  LTR-3 MDX-E
P142010008  LTR-4 MDX-E
P03 111 0011  LTR-6 190 eco EDX-E
P03 211 0011  LTR-6 MDX-E
P04 111 0011  LTR-7 eco EDX-E
P04 111 0111  LTR-7 eco XL EDX-E
P04 211 0011  LTR-7 MDX-E
P04 211 0111  LTR-7 XL MDX-E