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From Enervent to Ensto Enervent Oy


Our company name will change from Enervent Oy to Ensto Enervent Oy 1st June 2012.

The change is a continuation of the fusion that started with the news of the company buy 15th June 2009. The company VAT nr will stay the same FI20966283. The company e-mail addresses will change to

Enervent will be preserved as a product brand. Enervent ventilation units are a part of the Ensto Hybrid House solution. The Hybrid House is an entirety of construction engineering solutions for energy efficient building and renovation. It includes ventilation, heating, energy consumption monitoring, control system, general lighting, electricity distribution boards and electric vehicle charging.

Additional information:
Antero Hakkarainen, CEO
phone +358 40 189 1979

Ensto Enervent Oy, based in Porvoo Finland, is a rapidly growing company which specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing air handling and heat recovery products for homes and buildings. Enervent currently employs nearly 90 people and had annual sales of 16,1 million Euros in 2011.

Ensto is a family business and international cleantech company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of electrical systems and supplies for the distribution of electrical power as well as electrical applications. We are committed to lasting sustainable development and our goal is to be the world’s leading company in green energy efficiency and distribution. Our products, manufactured in seven different countries, are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and leave a minimum carbon footprint.

Established by Ensio Miettinen in 1958, we are a family business with 1,500 employees in Europe and Asia. The company’s turnover is 250 million euros. Ensto has three key business units: Ensto Utility Networks, Ensto Industrial Solutions, and Ensto Building Technology


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