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Enervent eAir – touch-controlled air handling

eAir is the new intelligent touch-screen controller by Ensto Enervent for advanced and easy-to-use air handling control.

Situation-based controls

The eAir is based on operation modes which are controlled with a visually clear and user-friendly touch screen. Operation modes cover all the different ventilation needs and situations and they can be activated by simply pressing the icon on the screen.

eAir - Home eAir - Away eAir - Boost eAir - Overpressure
Home » Ventilation functions normally
Away » Ventilation operates at a reduced level
Boost » The ventilation is increased for a certain time period
Overpressure » Useful when lighting the fireplace

The eAir offers a wide range of timer functions. The supply and exhaust air flows in all operation modes are set individually at the unit’s set-up phase.

Reduce your energy consumption with the new Eco operation mode, with energy saving features such as allowing the unit to react more slowly to temperature changes. The upcoming operation mode is shown on the main screen and a notification is given about the next timed event. Measurement data trend graphs can be viewed on a weekly or daily basis, and the data can be transferred via the USB port on your computer directly to Excel. Bus control is created either via Ethernet or Modbus RTU bus. Remote management is available through a web interface.

The Set-up Wizard guides through the installation process and assures that all phases of installation have successfully passed and the installation has been done correctly.

eAir Web

eAir web -demo

Serial number: 2013000001
PIN code: 12345

Enervent eAir Web enables the controlling and monitoring of air handling units using the Internet.

The eAir Web interface has almost all of the same functions as an Enervent eAir unit's user panel. The interface can be protected with a password.

Serial number: 2013000001
PIN code: 12345

Main features:

  • Wireless touch screen with easy-to-use intuitive graphical user interface
  • Situation-based operation modes - Home, Away, Boost, Overpressure, Silent
  • Data collection - trend graphs and export to Excel via USB
  • Set-up Wizard - guides through the installation process
  • Humidity-based control - controls fan speeds according to indoor humidity levels. One inbuilt humidity sensor included.
  • CO2-level-based control - controls fan speeds according to indoor carbon dioxide levels. Sensors are sold separately.
  • Optional temperature control - control can be based on either constant supply, exhaust or room air temperature. The room temperature sensor is sold separately.
  • Constant duct pressure control - sensors are sold separately
  • Fireplace switch for overpressure
  • Cooling recovery with the rotating heat exchanger
  • Summer night cooling
  • Weekly timer
  • 11 languages
  • Remote management with the "eAir web" cloud-based service
  • IP classification - IP20
  • Display - 3,5" TFT touch screen
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) - 74 x 108 x 19 mm
  • Weight - 137 g (with battery)

Other Family series control systems

Enervent Family series units are available with three different control systems. All controls are fully digital, analog controls are no longer available for the Family series.

EDA control (Enervent Digital Automation)

The Enervent EDA control system is one of the most versatile controls on the market today. With its versatile features you can make sure that your air handling operates optimally in all circumstances. The EDA control system supports electric and water heating and all cooling methods.

EDA control features:

  • Humidity based control
    Every EDA unit has a built-in humidity sensor in the extract air duct; two more sensors can be attached
  • CO2 based control
    Boosts the air flow according to the carbon dioxide level. The sensor is not included in the basic models. Two CO2 sensors can be attached.
  • Optional temperature control
    You can choose whether you want the control to keep the room temperature, extract air temperature or supply air temperature constant
  • Constant pressure control
  • Fireplace boost switch
  • Summer night cooling
  • Clock and calendar
  • Eight fan speeds

EDA-controlled units can be remotely monitored and controlled with the Enervent Freeway network gateway.

EC control

The Enervent EC control is a simpler and more affordable control system.

EC control features:

  • Four fan speeds
    Can be chosen from eight possible speeds
  • Fireplace boost switch
  • One unit can have up to five user panels
  • Supports electic heating only