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Rotating Heat Exchanger or Thermal Wheel

At the heart of all Ensto Enervent's energy recovering air handling units is the rotating heat exchanger.

High efficiency

An air handling unit equipped with a rotating heat exchanger is the best solution to ensure a high annual efficiency in energy recovery. The rotating heat exchanger is capable of recovering heat, coolth and in some cases moisture from the exhaust air flow. This ensures high quality fresh indoor air in small apartments as well as large buildings.


Warm exhaust air flows through a rotating aluminium honeycomb-like matrix which heats up and while rotating warms up the cooler outdoor air.

Lower Energy Costs

The right choice in energy recovery saves your energy. Especially in small buildings, as the heat loss through windows and the casing decreases due to better materials and tighter regulation, the significance of heat losses via air handling in increased.

Here are some figures from a 200 m² (2152 square feet) single house in Southern Finland. We have calculated annual air handling heat losses with different heat recovery methods.

Heat recovery Annual heat loss
Exhaust fan (no heat recovery) 16 600 kWh
Cross-flow plate heat exchanger 8 500 kWh
Counter-flow plate heat exchanger 7 000 kWh
Rotating heat exchanger 4 700 kWh

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