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Ensto Hybrid House – energy efficient solutions for low-energy building

Ensto Hybriditalo

Ensto Enervent's parent company Ensto provides energy efficient solutions for the electrification, lighting and ventilation which increase both living comfort and safety.

Ensto Hybrid House meets all challenges

The solutions of Ensto Hybrid House surpass the new demands for energy efficiency, and together with using electric heaters and efficient heat recovery place Ensto Hybrid House at the top of modern building technology. Energy efficiency is reached with efficient ventilation, effective heat recovery and precisely adjusted and controlled electric heating. In addition to this, new lighting solutions combine energy efficiency and comfort at a cost-effective price.

Building regulations pay increasing attention to the energy efficiency of new buildings and the employing of the best possible energy saving technologies. Ensto Hybrid House concentrates on the carefree control of the internal climate, keeping heating costs down and increasing the comfort and quality of life.