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Ensto Block of Flats – Energy efficient solutions for renovating block of flats

Ensto Kerrostalo

Ensto Enervent's parent company Ensto provides energy efficient solutions for the electrification, lighting and ventilation which increase both living comfort and safety in a block of flats. Added energy efficiency requires solutions by which we use energy in the most feasible way. An integral part of this is also saving energy and money by decreasing the energy consumption.

Better indoor climate, lower heating costs

Ensto’s energy efficient Enervent ventilation systems save energy and money year after year. The Enervent products are well known for their high quality. The innovative Greenair HP product family and its control system EDA provide both energy efficient heating and cooling as a supplementary system in cold climates or as the main system in mild climates. Greenair product line covers apartment, office and public buildings, as well as one-family homes.

A healthy house breathes in and out ensuring the well being of its occupants. Updating the ventilation is most feasibly done in connection with other renovations when piping can be done easily and cost-effectively.