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Ensto Enervent, based in Porvoo, Finland, is a rapidly growing company which specializes in air handling and heat recovery products for homes and buildings.

Latest news


Try the New eAir Controller!

Ensto Enervent's new smart touch screen controller eAir was developed for advanced and easy ventilation management. Now you have the opportunity to explore the Enervent eAir controller and its functionalities. See for yourself how easy it is to use and understand.



BIG News from Ensto Enervent

Enervent Pallas is a BIG addition to the Enervent ventilation range. The Pallas ventilation system has a air flow range of 200-700 l/s. The Pallas product family extends from basic ventilation units to models with special functions and an integrated heat pump. Pallas is best suited for large single-family houses and small commercial buildings and also for single sections of larger buildings.



New video featuring the Enervent Premium and Superior series

The all new Ensto Enervent's Premium and Superior series are revolutionizing the way we think about air handling. The units are equipped with a highly efficient rotating heat exchanger along with a modern heat pump.

These air handling units distribute fresh air evenly to every room, handle heating and cooling, monitor humidity and CO2 levels and even heat up your hot water.

The Premium and Superior units are equally suitable for new buildings as well as renovation projects. The units are extremely compact and the installation is as simple as possible. In most cases all the necessary components are built in the unit and no separate cooling installation is needed.



New ventilation presentation now online!

Ensto Enervent's brand new presentation is about controlling your indoor air with ventilation. Proper ventilation controls indoor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels while taking care of the overall energy efficiency of your home.



New frames for the Pingvin and Pandion units

The unit frames of the Enervent Pingvin and Pandion units were upgraded with the CLICK ceiling mounting system. The upgraded units are now suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. Separate ceiling-mountable units are no longer needed. The ceiling mounting plate is sold separately as before.