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Ensto Enervent, based in Porvoo, Finland, is a rapidly growing company which specializes in air handling and heat recovery products for homes and buildings.

Latest news


New ventilation presentation now online!

Ensto Enervent's brand new presentation is about controlling your indoor air with ventilation. Proper ventilation controls indoor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels while taking care of the overall energy efficiency of your home.



New frames for the Pingvin and Pandion units

The unit frames of the Enervent Pingvin and Pandion units were upgraded with the CLICK ceiling mounting system. The upgraded units are now suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. Separate ceiling-mountable units are no longer needed. The ceiling mounting plate is sold separately as before.



Maintenance videos in the Help Center

Enervent's electronic maintenance center, the Help Center has been updated with new maintenance videos. Maintenance videos of almost all Enervent ventilation units can be found under the Instructions section of the Help Center. The intent of the videos is to encourage people to take care of their unit. Regular maintenance of the ventilation unit improves indoor air quality, increases the unit's energy efficiency as well as prolongs the unit's operating life.



From Enervent to Ensto Enervent Oy

Our company name will change from Enervent Oy to Ensto Enervent Oy 1st June 2012.

The change is a continuation of the fusion that started with the news of the company buy 15th June 2009. The company VAT nr will stay the same FI20966283. The company e-mail addresses will change to

Enervent will be preserved as a product brand. Enervent ventilation units are a part of the Ensto Hybrid House solution. The Hybrid House is an entirety of construction engineering solutions for energy efficient building and renovation. It includes ventilation, heating, energy consumption monitoring, control system, general lighting, electricity distribution boards and electric vehicle charging.



Enervent Help Center 24 h

Our new electronic service center Enervent Help Center gives advice if problems occur. Find information on how to take care of your air handling unit. And if you run in to a problem that requires a trained professional, you can use it to order a visit from your local qualified Enervent maintenance professional.