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    Change the exhaust filterexpand

    New filters

    Finland and Sweden: Order new filters from the Enervent webshop.

    Elsewhere: Order new filters from a Enervent reseller nearest you.

    Change of filter

    The recommended filter change interval is at highest four (4) months for the plane filters and at most six (6) months for the bag filters. The use time for F5 bag filter can be extended by vacuuming it from the inside. Then the change intervals can be up to a year (1). Note! F7 filter does not withstand vacuuming!

    The plane filter is changed by pulling out the filter cartridge and removing the filter fabric from the frame. A new filter fabric is placed in the frame, after which the filter cartridge is placed back so that the support network is facing the heat exchanger. The bag filter is change by releasing any possible locks (not all models), pull out the old filter and place the new filter in back in its place. Remember to lock the filter if the model has a locking mechanism. When changing the filters it is recommended to vacuum the unit from the inside.

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    Contact a service representiveexpand

    Ordering of service visit

    Terms of order

    In case the reason of a service visit depends on a installation or usage error and does not meet Ensto Enervent's general warranty conditions, the client will be charged for the service work.

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